Advanced decision for ideal window

Energy efficiency and sound insulation are the core values set while System 7S development. We managed to create ideal construction to save heat and comfort in your house. Thanks to correspondence to formula 70\40\6, you’ll get premium thermal insulation and quality protection from freezing.

U frame 0,90 W/m²K
Safety WK1, WK2, WK3
Gasket contours 2
Glazing 24-40 mm
Number of glasses 2-3
Fittings system 12/20 -13

Opening variants

Blind window  
Balcony block
Doors with lock
Outside opening door
Inside opening door

System 7S

If you value a natural appearance and want to take advantage of the latest advances in window technology choose laminated windows with wood decor surfaces. If you want a classic style when renovating an old house, or a close-to-nature look in your architectural design these windows will add a special touch.

Golden Oak


Dark Cherry

Montana Oak

Silver Metallic


Natural Oak

Sheffield Oak