Special window for special need

System 58 is the most cost-efficient solution for anyone who looking for a economical windows. Three chambered profile system and odds of glass units with width 24 mm or 32 mm can be fitted easily and at low cost.

U frame 1,72 W/m²K
Safety WK1, WK2, WK3
Gasket contours 2
Glazing 24-32 mm, 6 mm
Number of glasses 1-3
Fittings system 12/20 -13

Opening variants

Blind window
Balcony block
Doors with lock
Outside opening door
Inside opening door

System 58 is available in lamination

Laminated Windows offer four wood finishes that complement the natural textures and colors of today’s design styles. They reflect the mood you wаnt, whether trendy or more classical, and can help you liven up tired interiors

Golden Oak


Dark Cherry

Montana Oak