Who we are

We are your partners in innovative solutions.

Mirex is a leading supplier of ready-made windows and doors working under the company, Miroplast, which is one of the most progressive UPVC windows and doors profiles manufacturer in Eastern Europe.

What we do

We create solutions for versatile needs of  construction businesses

We provide high quality, ready-made windows and doors all over the world .

Why us

Customers’ satisfaction for us is top priority

We focus on fulfilling custom requests of architects, big construction companies, retail stores, DIYs worldwide and those of individual dealers and buyers.

We are flexible in finding various engineering solutions that suit specific conditions and requests.

We offer fast delivery through our extensive network of supply chains.



Constructed from high quality PVC with built-in grey TPE seals, our windows are highly resistance to deformation and abrasion. In addition, they reduce heat, prevent cold and noise penetration significantly to ensure your personal comfort all year round — retain warmth inside during winter and create a cool atmosphere in the heat of the summer.


PVC doors are as widely used as PVC windows. They are suitable for houses, public spaces and shops. When manufacturing doors, it’s important to use high quality, reliable profiles as they provide thermal, sound insulation and, furthermore, enhance the security of your house. These doors are perfect for sound insulation and have a high energy efficiency index. Our Doors together with Windows presents  a complete system with wide range of choices .

Window Sills

When it comes to color and design, our window sills offer a wide array to choose from. There are soft colors and stylish textures that are not only durable but also heat and scratch resistant. There are also four colors that match the wood finishing of WDS laminated windows perfectly. Furthermore, there is a matt white or glossy white window sill that never fades or changes color. If you desire a marble or stone look, it’s also available. Our wide variety will definitely get you inspired!

Company presentation



10 Kursantskaya Str.,
Dnipro, 49051, Ukraine .
Freephone: +380 562 338 038